Friday, December 24, 2010

a knock in the head

hey...lme x blogging...hehhee...nothing went well actually,, result came up and not like what i expected it to be....i almost screwed my only chance of doing medicine...ya allah ...what am i going to do.Please no more ...not another failure...2nd sem is the finale..get your head in the game... focus3!....owh, but from whatever happened, i knew how much m parents love see i am not the girl who want to do medicine before this, the only reason that i keep telling myself i have to do medicine bcoz that's what they want me to do. Besides i live in the environment where all people keep telling yourself do mediclah.. medic is good and so on.What my parents trying to tell me and i believe what most parents do is they just want the best for you.They lived long enough to know all the asam garam of kehidupan. They do not want me to pick courses that have no future or where there is not much person needed in that field.They have seen it before and they just do not want me to be one of the victim.
So, the onclusion is..everything starts with niat, i lways thought of doing things just to please my arents, not that it is wrong.But , maybe i better thought of studying is something i want to achieve for me, myself and i.Thanks mak ayah for all your tlc.p.s. ily very much:)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i wanna be like Firework

shush...less talk..more listen!

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag
Drifting throught the wind
Wanting to start again

Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin
Like a house of cards
One blow from caving in

Do you ever feel already buried deep
Six feet under scream
But no one seems to hear a thing

Do you know that tehre's still a chance for you
Cause there's a spark in you

You just gotta ignite the light
And let it shine
Just own the night
Like the Fourth of July

Cause baby you're a firework
Come on show 'em what your worth
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Baby you're a firework
Come on let your colors burst
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
You're gunna leave 'em fallin' down-own-own

You don't have to feel like a waste of space
You're original, cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow

Maybe you're reason why all the doors are closed
So you can open one that leads you to the perfect road
Like a lightning bolt, your heart will blow
And when it's time, you'll know

You just gotta ignite the light
And let it shine
Just own the night
Like the Fourth of July

Cause baby you're a firework
Come on show 'em what your worth
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Baby you're a firework
Come on slet your colors burst
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
You're gunna leave 'em fallin' down-own-own

Boom, boom, boom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon
It's always been inside of you, you, you
And now it's time to let it through

Cause baby you're a firework
Come on show 'em what your worth
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Baby you're a firework
Come on slet your colors burst
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
You're gunna leave 'em goin "Oh, oh, oh!"

Boom, boom, boom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon
Boom, boom, boom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my haru day

first of all, forgive me becoz this blog will be totally long....
where to begin...owh yeah....
6.35pm ,,9.11.2010....
abah called mom and asked her to join him at first mum was kinda reluctant to go but that persuate her..and she finally there i was, packing my things rushingly...then off to pd...wahh...the room is awesome..somehow i wondered why there was a lot of bed in it..well it have two room in for my parents and one for me..highlight...the entire queen bed for me ..note that angah just in case if you read this...hahaha....ok back to the story...bed..ok there is an extra bed or tilam in my prents room and one more in the living room...why did they put so much bed in one room..not like we're going to take the whole family there....owh and the room has a backyard that connect directlyto the swimming pool...gees rindu gle nk swim...ok the important thing is what happeneds the next day..


waking up of thinking that i'll spend the day at the beach...wishes dad morning..then a phone call that totally disrupt or turn my plan 360 degree....abah ade meeting kul 9...siap what?!!!!...dgn brg..check everything tawaf bilik in case ade yg trtinggl...ok check....blek abah's office...dlm kepale..ape laa nk wat skrg..

sampai sudh.....abah:alang gi laa mkn kt cafe abah taukn..alang:tau...angguk2
then off to cafe...jlan slow2..ok sampai ...duduk...

after 5..minutes..
shutt...ape ako bwat nie...sitting alone in the cafe, in the middle of overcrowded cafe=easy target for the shark fish other word..brader2 gatal..
nk malu control belle...bajet sungguh mu..hish dh laa abg depn xgeti nk pndg tmpat len ke...mind your own business laaa....seb bek my smashing roti sardin dh sampai...nyum2....

3 minutes later..
ape nk bwat nih....musuh ketat dtg....aka kucing..dh laa dok sorg klu ade die xpelaa gak...haish...
xtaulaa if my face that obvious ..that group of abg gtl bju ijau dh gelak2 punye sakan..seb bek ade anoter group of gentleman yg pggil that cat and give some bit of his food.....thank you encik i dunno who.....fuhh...terlepas...

a few minutes later ...
knyg sudh....hehehe.....time nk bayar ade laa jugk suara2 lantang...mat tudung itam tu ako byr...
ceyh...bjet gentleman thanks la bro...i have my own money...better you blanje that lady depn mate tu...sengal...pick my things and blah....

end of story...
ksimpulannye...side effect of 11 years in all girl school..gave me this feeling of insecureness whenever i'm surrounded by bunch of boys...xsuke..bukn misjudging them...this maybe just a common case for some people but it may not to others...enough talks...toodles

it's been a while

hehs...hey..its been a while kn blog, ...
yesterday i went to visit my sys, so yeah i went back to college, and it felt like it has been a while since my last visit.
the canteen does not operate during the weekends like it used to...
my junior can play p....(i forgot its name ...hehehe....)..with their eyes closed...back then when we were junior we barely knew the scales....we were so lucky that edwin came...although it toook some time but it proved that hardwork do pay off...ok what am i merepek nie....

my point is ....when i look all the changes around me...i kept asking myself...have i changed?if i do, am i doing better or not....there is a missing puzzle in me...that seem lost...and i haven't found it yet....whatever it is ...i better find it quick..and enjoy my two week holiday to the fullest...hehehe...

p.s ...harry potter and the deathly hollow part one is coming up ....
totally in my must watch list....

Friday, September 24, 2010


mata berat..ngadu kt laptop mieronne....
skrg dh xleh nk say bye2 dh.....btullahh dugaan....

sbenrnye saye..........
nk balek!!!!!....
gi tgk muvie ngn angh ......
kaco mak msk kt dpur...
rebut control tv ngn along....
hugging n lanyaking all the teddies in my room,
tgok lagat abah yg cute....
kasi romeo(ikn abah) heart attack.....
kaco syidah tido if die balek....
kutuk2 kete abah.....yg high maintenance tu.....
mkn kueh raye dpn tv cm mkn popcorn kt muvie.......
rindu dark chocs.....
rindu kueh amplam da-y fresh from sabah.....
rindu bukak pose ngn baby,jeej. lely, denne n sarr,
although yg posenye sorg tp sume mkn cm dh 3ari xmkn....
slagi abg dining x kems2 meje sbelah..mmg x gerklaa kan...hehehe....
rindu bebel kt sarr psl teddy die yg dominate our bed....
rindu kaco kak elyn ..
rindu men magnet nique...mcm men scrabble...
rindu loker pink che-m,....
rindu kaco kecik pg2 n bwat2 mrjuk if die bgun awal or trun prep awl xkjut...
rindu klon dri doja yg same2 blur...which come in set wit aje...
rindu suare lonne yg smacm ade sumphn skali die nyanyi tige ari bru leh lupe lgu tuh...
rindu ally yg duduk tepi....
n my deskie....row terpnjg di 5c...
rindu mnje2 ngn sutun....
rindu tgk muvie kt hall...wlaupun x sehebt pwgm kt klcc tuh...
rindu rkn2 band members yg gile2....
rindu adek2 yg caring walupun akak dorg nie kdg2 hati batu....
rindu dgr mrs.lee pggil siti!!
ok...if ckp sal rindu zmn2 skolah n my darling transcenders mmg xkn abeslaaa blog nie..
so better stop rite there....

as a conclusion, saye rindu sume matter where you guys prayers will always be with you....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

pit stop

yeAH...result just came out better then i expected but not good..enough for my mom.....paper je laa....yg pnting i did my best...ngeee


Friday, August 20, 2010


xtau nk post ape but nk post gak..ngeh2..exam over..comfem lingkup...hahahahhaa...jatuh due kali...dush2 dush2! xpe laa saye janji pas nie xmen2 dah ye .....siap arh pasum...haha

Thursday, July 29, 2010


i am lost..........
and that is a fact..not lost in finding direction, but it felt like i already lost my inspiration,,,yeah i did studi, mum kept reminding me.. that the pasum during her times have no time to play around or fool around, in a word nerd i guess...hahaha.....ntahlaa....haiyooo wat to do....exam is around d corner, i already sounds dad....don't expect much..hehhehehhe.......belle must rebounce..aja2 fight!...owh did i told u i left all my tutorial on my lovely room...c4......geez...owh algebra kuiz n as usual bio quiz next week...

xpe 2 ..kacang jer...meyakinkan diri nih...
there are some people in some part of this world that have to hurdles when othes crawl...

maybe that some people is including you, so don't give up...cheers up...and smile then the world will smile back at you...
my journey does not ends here...i believe i'll find my strenght soon, mybe not for a while but it is somewhere out there...slowly unleashing it's magic..

p.s : actually to tell you the truth i enjoyed um...seriously..hehehhe...just the study is not hard but i'm not in the mood yet..

Monday, July 26, 2010

legal day!

bile bace balek bloq yg leaps cm haru lak...dh2 xmau sedih..

emo2 ..cancel2..go away..gone.! pooft.. burfday...hurm were to start..orite nite before gerak midVAL..sorcerer's apprentice mmg terbaek:)if la dlm dunia reality boleh tukr je kete viva jd mini cooper..mmg angh akn tersenyum lebar..hahahah....sori faiz next tyme i'll bring u along..owg sruh beli fon degil. ..dlm 12 abes...boling panggil...hohohoho...owh ade owg tu tunjuk berkali2 ganda lg tyme nk men boling ngn die kne kire2 dlu....hohohoho...owh lupe! nk cite dlm cinema to ktorg dpt seat pling laa depn..if rombongn cik kiah nk wat knduri pon leps laa kt space depn tuh..ade dis one malay couple.abg botak tuh...baek nye kutuk la die..siap compared kusyen cinema ngn kusyen umah die laa...mcm2 laa..xstat muvi dh bwat owg gelak...hahaha...

then..erm2...hohoho...owh yah thanks to those yg sudi calling2..

d next day...gathering anati on the spot tukr jd sort of my burfday celebration..thanks anat n her family...may god bless u:)

owh yah...balek2 tooo...abah cm pemurah lepaslaa mkn kenny rogers...hehhehehehe

p.s. mieronne thanks for d cake ye!:)

Friday, May 21, 2010

mate nih dh penat dh nanges..sampai at 12.27 am smbil mnulis blog nih pon still nanges lg,saya xdpt jpa..sekian..ahd ni dh dftar um, dri bukak jer esila td tangan dh terketar2, air mata dh mcm air terjun, yelah impian 10 thun shattered mcm itu sje,dlam satu klik, melihat kwn2 yg dpt peluang, rse cm dh nk sampai tp terbabs,kamu semua yg berjaye,tahniah, jgn sia-siakn peluang tuh, kmu xtau betapa yg len pon berlumba2 nk dpt peluang yg same, like me,, belle kne kuat! allah syg n ngat kt belle bru die bg dugaan mcm nih....die tau u can get over it..then y can't u trust urself...mungkin if u fly u xdpt catch up or adapt dgn surrounding t uh, mybe if pgi kne spike ke..nauzubillah..d most sad part is i felt dat i had failed in my duty as a daughter as i made my mom cried, i failed as a sister coz i cannot show a gud example to her, sumthin dat she can be proud of, it seems like all the a's doesn't values anything, all the effort just drown in the drains, mmglah they told u , ade hikmah don't give up, but when u realizes that ur best mates are leavin u, n mereka yg dulu same2 berpelitakn torchlight pon dpt fly, mereka yg dulu kamu lebih bek pon dpt fly, mmg rezeki allah tuh xdpt dijangka kn,mungkin satu kejayaan yg lebih besr sedg mnntimu, lebih dri peluang utk blajr di overcea tuh,lebih dri ape yg dpt dijanggka olehmu,mungkin perjalananmu belum berakhir di sini.....sekian untuk mase ini, mungkin xdpt berjumpe lg dgnmu sygku, my love, my amor, my querida....adios

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

pertembungan benua

breakfast: salad with thousand island dressing

lunch: ulam wit tempoyak

note that the thousand island dressing and tempoyak looks alike, just smell different...haha

(harap mereka tidak berperang didlm perut saye)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

entri kali in dlm bm....harap maklum(sekurang-kurangnya mencuba)

wahhhh,saya sgt gembira kluar brsame rkn dan beddie tercinta siti sara mat sabri..terima kasih kerana tidak menolak pelawaan saya ingin keluar bersama anda,rindu bangat sama kamu!:)....saye tahu kaki anda mesti penat menekan brek seharian.,membawa myvi ke hulur ke hilir, sanggup bgun awal hari nie walaupun xperlu hantar adek awak ke sekolah...hahaha..kdai ape pon yg bukak kul 8 pg, jd teluk cempedak mnjadi mangsa,malangnye kite sampai lambat sikit jd xdpt laa cuci mate...haahahha..sara mmg pandai cri excuse nk exrcise...habes spnjang titian itu kita harungi jejaklaa kaki ke pantai yg agk tersembunyi itu,ditegur olah abang yg prsn mude, (don't worry dear u'll always look young in my eyes), maen2 pasir sambil berdiskusi tntg jun pyo,kemudian tawaf ecm tuh, mkn2 n borak alld way erk..mksud saye spnjg kite brjalan itu, bounty hunter mnjadi pilihan, filem itu agk bosan kerana jalan ceritanye terlalu lmbt., xpe la demi gerald. 9 higgit mnjadi mnonton bersama anda walaupun crite itu agk bosan msih mghiburkan..hahaa....kemudian singgah di kelab golf. xtau cmne nk parking jd reverse 10 meter ye sarr...hahhaa..seb pak guard bek, boleh parking kt dalam, smntara kete tgh rest di kelab golf kami men buaian kalah budak 8 tahun...jumpe jaja di ecm. sebentar...owh ye sata pok soh sgt sedap...kami tmbh tige kali..masyuk2...
n hari g

owh ye satu insiden di ecm. yg ketike itu sebenrnye tgh berlangsung pameran hari guru kebangsaan. jd phm2 je laa bertape pnuh dan sesk dan sempit keadaan di situ, mcm msuk zoo...mcm2 terjadi kne serbu dgn mereka2 yang nk habeskn jstok terakhir..byg kan dlm 6 org dewasa cube meyakinkan kami berdua utk mmbeli majalah mereka yg mmg xprnh dibace oleh kami...mmg xlaa...sorilaa kakak2 and abg2 cari mngse len ye...kmudian dpt tgok pertunjukan magik..mcmmne die bwat saye xtau..yg pasti sti ade pnjelsb yg logik utk mnrgkan magis itu...btw sedap2 jer nk pgg tangan beta...kasi sepak krg...haish..kmudian siap dpt cermh bada tgh2 jln sbb minum air smbil berdiri ...hahaha....interview keje on d spot..haha...mcm2 trjadi di ecm........

kesimpulannya, entri kali in agk membosankan...harap maaf..siti sara sememangnya tour guide berjayew!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


gosh..i watched numbers just now..yeah d story about cute nerd professor solving crime using maths,hahhaa...dats why i love maths so much,,,well the point here is something about the nerd profesor bff said:

"Success is not about where u are, it is about how far
the distance you had travelled since you first begin"

yeah.i agreed with him, since waiting for the jpa is killing me,if nauzubillah i did not get the scholarship, i'm going to um.. and become a great doctor..considering the fact that um is no.4 in the best university in asia.well, i don't have to fly in order to become a just that something that i had aim and in my to do list since i learn to write or talk.i may not know what i want to be back then but i knew i want to furthue my studies in uk.Now i am confused is it still a childish dream?, is studying oversea my real goal?or am i just envy my frens who had secured a place or at least feel secured as they had already got the scholar and their mum wouldn't keep asking them when will the result kluar...If studying oversea will make me an ungrateful person so please Allah take them away.but if it is a good thing for me please help me through this period, permudahkanlah jalan hambamu ini.aminnn....


if i only study in malaysia but become the one of the best surgeon in the world, then i can define it as success.

owh yeah, i'm tired staring at the mail box hoping some big envelope is in it..or call from miss sweet jpa..hurm..yada yada yada....wat ever happends i'll be redha becoz it is d best for me.If i still want to go oversea i'll use my money and travel not only uk but around the world perhaps?...hehehehe

i cannot help wondering do i look like a doctor?will i be a good doctor?let just wait and see hahahahaa....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



enough said...

Monday, May 10, 2010

don't bother

kn dh ckp don't bother,,nk tgok jugk sape suruh..hahhahaa

actually i have nothing to say, at least for this time being..the jpa result is not out yet,,
n my jpj result i don't know ..let just wait n see how it goes tomorrow..pray for me yah!
p.s i.m not going to post about my jpj test those who read this..

just keep this between us okay:)..hehe...owh..yeah my dad leave me the mandat to take care of his matter how much i hate it..but i'll do it for my dad..( bjet ank mithali) i fed them..then when back to kitchen to continue with my lunch..attention i cooked my lunch all by myself..fuhh i'm so proud of took a lot of guts to get off from the couch...back to the story about that fish..i call him romeo..i think this romeo doesn't like to stay in that aquarium because it keep banging it's head to that glasses...hish..then splashing the water all over place..guess who going to clean that!'thanks' a lot romeo..i mean it..durh

orite ..dats all for today...if i didn't 2 post anything about my jpj then don't aks..hahaha

itu saja coret2 kali ini

Sunday, May 9, 2010

ayh saye

ayh saye sgt comell..scare jujurnye bukn saye sorg ckp mcmtuh, rmai lg mnyokong saye..
ayh saye sgt peramh, secara jujurnye bukn saye sorg ckp cmtu, rmai lg mnyokong pendpt saye
ayh saye x romantik ikut occasion, die xpndai meluahkn kate2 azimat yg slalu mmat jiwang paki tuh, tp cukup sekadar perlakuannye yg ala manja gitu..hehe..

knape saye ckp mcm nih, bukn kutuk memuji,
ari nih pegi jj brsame prents n along, mkn kfc n beli brg seket..
knape saye ckp ayh comel, sbb bile balek umah afta keje mase kcik2 ayh sama ade pggil siti, siti aisyah.siti nabilah, siti rasyidah or die jerit esah, belle syedut..hahahaa...utk mkn petg bersame
bile blek ari tuh, ayh ngn t-shirt pagodanye n sluar keje diri depn pintu nmpk kete mak..trus senyum lebar , terselah gigi nye yg jrg tuh...hahaha...comel gile ayh..nmpk sgt ank bongsu

knape ayh saye peramah?sbb bile kluar ade saje yg mnegurnye,klu tidk die akn menegur owg.
kdg2, kami tnye lah ayh kenal x owg yg mnegur die tuh. ayh ckp..ontah ayh xknal die layan je...hehehee
td mkn kfc, tunggu alang abes mkn.ayh nmpk ade pkcik dok sorg je die pon tnye lah
dri mne?..owg tuh jwb........
ayh pon :uuiii..jauhnye..kami dri tmn ..lg jauh..hahahahaa
kemudian tau2 je lah...

ayh romantik xikut occasion..
sbb die xsambut ari ibu, atau kdg burfday pon xbg hadiah ontyme...
tp klu ade jam..msti die beli spsg for mak skali.
n bile men golf bju msti kaler same
klu ade function mak bju kaler len die pon n k tukar...hehehe
sweet x ayh..

ayh sayang..i'll always luv matter what
u are my kekasih dunia lots...from alang

ps;itu saje coret2 kali ini

brsame member htj

well, this incident happened last thursday, on 9th may 2010...only four of us managed to come there..

malas pulak nk tulis in english...hehe....

yg tukg organiser nye is encik sufi..tq yah sufi,yg mngikut pd aslnye saye, faiz, nabil, naqi,n sufilaaa...kmudian en.naqi terlibat dlm sesuatu yg tidk diduga..nabil pon same jd..tinggal kami berempat laaa...mlm b4 dat, ayh mcm dh mls nk bg kluar sbb hari rabu tuh dh kluar....senyap je laaa...mlm die tido awal lak.. x sempat nk itu sggup bgun awl krne nk kjar die b4 die pgi keje,, mungkin setelah melihat ksungguhan saye itu, die pon bg laa green light..ho yeah!..

mslhnye transport xde...sape anta ayh tnye..dgn konfidentnye jwb kwn...hheee....

pdhal xckp lg kt yeah nabil tnyekan...n sufi pon ok je..jd tumpglaaa sufi..jd mem bsar dok blkg..bodyguard faiz ..drebar sufi...hahhahaa....bjet je belle...hahahhaaa...

nabil ckp diorg pick up dlm 10 sumthin,,skali text dlm 9 sumthin dorg dh odw., mne x gabra

berlari laa kejar iron, dn yg len2..bju dlm washing machine lg

skejap ye wahai bju semua..nnti gue sidai blek nnti..sal sufi dh smpai

ok singgah pdg kgv skjap.then gi jj...agenda kami men boling...hohoho..

bjet nk pkai bola6 sleps men 3 game bru prsn tuh bola 9..ptutla borat semacm...aiyooo

msuk longkg xyah ckp..saye bdak bru blaja..hehe.sufi n faiz mmg senyum mmnjg sbb dorg meng..sufi puas atilaa dpt klhkn qarl...hahaa...then borak2..mkn2

mmndgkn kami semua mcm cacing kepanasan tunggu rsult jpa kluar...asal laa lmbt sgt..

germ btul..then xleh blahnye belle jd cam outcast je..bile sufi n qarl dh kluar crite taekwan do mereka...dn seni mmperthnkn diri yg len...faiz pule dh dpt game ngn member dota nya syamim..saye mngadap yee mee di hdpn..kureng btul dorg...mne x ako mkn byk...seb bek bert maintain lg sesungguhnya saye mkn byk sgt ari tuh


pg..brekfes di mcd..fillet o fish set..air sprite medium

lunch: air bery pe ntah..n sizzling yee mee

then munch papa roti

n bekal big apple..satu n for mak n ayh

gile bykkn..i know..itu sje coret2 kali ini

Friday, May 7, 2010

hari ini dlm sejarah..

wahh,hari nie mmg cleaning day laa,,belle scrub2 toilet tuh, then kemas2 bilik,buku2 yg memerlukan space ituh, n all my sayang2,teddy bear yg mmg dh penuh letak kt krusi tuh,
itupon setelah dipesan oleh ibu saye, mak alang dh kemas bilik,don't get me wrong, bilik belle tuh mmg dh kemas, tp ikut piawaian mak saye mmg xlepas laa.,hahaha...dan krne abg tercinta nk balek esok,yes bro, bcoz of u,mak beriya kems rumah sbb my cik abg nih x t hn dgn dust, kne clean sentiasa...seb bek laa u satu2 nye my abang,haiyooo,, misi nk cuci toilet tuh mmg sntiasa ade tp asyik tergendala je, jd bile dh bwat rse lega sket, tringt zaman kt tkc dlu, mse jun2 bese laa konon house cleaning ikut dorm(mase tuh dorm cmpur f2 smpai f5 bukan ikut batch)duty2 nih lepas house meeting mmg f2 laa pgi tgok, sbb mmmg f2 je bwat, senior blah bwat hal sndri,satu dorm ade lebih kurg 5 f2, mse tuh my dormate dawee..hehe..dawee suke gile bile dpt cuci toilet, mmg volunteer nk cuci toilet, dawee ckp bile cuci toilet tuh mcm kite sucikan hati kite, haha..x tau btul ke x..mashab mne dawee ambek ntah..hahaha..

lepas dh siap cleaning rse puas laa pulak, hati rse tenang sket..sedap mate mmndg..hehe
then penat2 nih nek laa ats nk on9....skali bile msuk bilik blek nmpk dot di depn almari.. kureng punye cicak penat ako lap td siap pkai tgn lg ala2 cinderella gitu, die pgi melabuh pulak, b4 ako kemas td xnk pulak..hangin2 mmg cicak nih nk kne sunat..xtau knape, msyrkt cicak kt bilik belle mcm lebih sket from other places, fktor haba ke?...geram2 siap laa wahai cicak..seb bek ako xgeti lastik..klu x mmg xslamat hang...

owh btw adek balek ari nih. biasa lah belle memulekan misi mnyakat adek...haha..dh lme xjumpe...nseb ko laa ade kakk mcm nie...hahhaa....hari ibu mnjelang tibe ape nk kasi nih..hurm..
ok itu saje coret2 dri saye

Saturday, May 1, 2010

ayat2 cinta

selame nie, belle mmg suke lgu ayat2 cinta and buku die juge
tetapi bru semlm belle dpt mghayati lirik die,
yg mnusuk ati,betapa bermaknenye lagu ini

rossa-ayat-ayat cinta

Desir pasir di padang tandus
Segersang pemikiran hati
Terkisah ku di antara cinta yang rumit

Bila keyakinanku datang
Kasih bukan sekadar cinta
Pengorbanan cinta yang agung
Ku pertaruhkan

reff:Maafkan bila ku tak sempurna
Cinta ini tak mungkin ku cegah
Ayat-ayat cinta bercerita
Cintaku padamu
Bila bahagia mulai menyentuh
Seakan ku bisa hidup lebih lama
Namun harus ku tinggalkan cinta
Ketika ku bersujud

Bila keyakinanku datang
Kasih bukan sekedar cinta
Pengorbanan cinta yang agung
Ku pertaruhkan

repeat reff

Ketika ku bersujud

cinta yg agung,oleh seorang isteri solehah yg sanggup bermadu demi melepaskn suami tercinta dari penjara.
cinta yg agung ini, bukan semata2 cinta sang pria buat si kekasih,
tetapi cinta ini mnjadi lebih agung kerana diikat dgn tali yg sah iaitu perkahwinan.
seagung agungnya cinta wanita ini trhadp suaminya,
lebih agungnya cinta dia terhadap sang pencipta krna dia sanggup menolak cintanya pd pasangan nya itu ke tepi apabila dia bersujud
kepada dia yg satu.

ayat2 cinta yg dinyatakan bukan sekadar ayat romantis
tp doa yg dipohon demi kesejahteraan si suami
samalah juga dgn love letters Allah yg diberikan kpd kite
iaitu Al-Quran.

itu sahaja coretan dri saya.

ladies day

well i had a blast,watching iron man,
hahaha..i woke up late actually around 10.30 when my systa screamed
"woyh.cepatlaa siap kte nk jln"
then i pon jalan laa pgi toi2 siap2
i asked"ade ke tiket nih, cm dh lmbt jer"
my sys dgn confidentnye jwb ade.
so ok laa, we went to trminal two,mbo cinema
iron man2, 2 ticket please,
byk gile seat, rambang mate pulak,so ktorg pilih laa seat yg blakang,
yeah,pdhal lg 30 min movie nk stat
nk makan ke?
ye laa
so went downstairs, mkn bubur seafood kt marrybrown
finger licking good babe!hahaha......
then pgi sp , nk cri hp. since my fon dh bengong,
yg cikai punye laa skdr cukup utk call n msg sudh.. dlm rm 85 laa
alamak alang bwk 70 jer, angah lak ade 15
huh cukuplaa, beli je laa, then jln2 reject shop, cuci mate je laa
nme pon dh pokai, cri tempat cucuk cepat!kt sp xde so pgi laa jj
skali kt situ duet rm50 die dh abes. hangin x..
mmg owg sban nih boros, dgn berbekalkn hanye rm9 di tgn,
ape lg ibunda tercinte laa yg dicari
so kami pon menuju laa ke skolah mak, aduh pusing2 mcm tiade pnghujung
skali nmpk sekilas petronas ade plak merah
"angh, cimb ade kt petrons laa"tyme tuh angh dh belok dkt the opposite jln..
"knape xckp awal2?"
then lepas cucuk bru mak called tnye knape lmbt sgt nk smpai skolah die
di ofis mak kami lepak2 men2 pantun, hahaa
then off to jj sbb angh lapar sgt
cdgnye nk men boling tp lane pnuh pule, so lain kali je laa ye,
singgah skejap utk mncri versus by hlovate
dugaan btul, mph tgh promosi beli 3 for 2
dugaan btul,i need to keep telling myself, belle cri versus jer,
fuhh dh dpt tu rse lega sgt, then we went back
practically it was superb
beacause i got what i planned to do
and planned to buy
kepuasan tidak terhingga!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

coret2 saje

hey, it has been a while kan blog...
xde keje....
actually, i got confessions
i'm totally bored staying around doing nothing,
of course laa belle wanna enjoy,
lepak wit frens,
but the problem is,
not all the parents lepak wit the idea of their child
fooling around
everytimes i want to go out
they'll be questioning me wit
knape nk kluar?
bwat pe nk bwat keje x berfaedah?
and if i did go out
it is wit my saving okay
attention to all the brats
who just have to simply asks if you nk moneys to chills wit ur frens
if i want to have something like mp3,
i have to use my duet rye to buy it
n yeah thats why i cannot afford to buy that sony or ipod
tunggu je laa yee
i guess that's how my prents teach us that
money do not just fall from the sky
it works actually
except the facts that i am a shopaholic..
so now i'm kinda broke
but i still wanna go out
i am 18.
what do u expect
just pliss give me this tyme to have fun
u know more than i do
that when i entered medic
i won't have time for myself
and yeah,
i do want to entered the university
and get busy
so i won't be busy thinking about my problems
and entered the emo land h
so that i can getaway from home
so that i can get over him.
not that i have issues wit my family
i just want to have my own life
if you understand
well i can't voice out what i felt
to my prents
because it would just end up the same
i could never say no to them
no matter how much i want to,
then wat should i do?
i admit i am the pendam type of person
i am used to crying alone
i does not like others to see
if i am sad,
i don't want to be a burden
i'm scared,
i 'm not sure if i could secured a place in the university,
i'm not sure if i can get the JPA,
i'm not sure if i can be a good kakak,
frens,daughter,n most importantly
i'm not sure if i can be a good muslim.
lately i've been haunted wit nightmares
i dreamt that i died
scary huh...
i talk too much already,

Saturday, April 24, 2010

wahhh blog...

saya rindu kamu!!!!:)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


aiyoo..gile frust jpj test ari due2 bhgian lak....hurm..problem bukit dh settle tbe2 kt tige penjuru enjin mati..slalu practise ok jer..haiyooo...sedih2...burn jerh 800 ....
pe nak jadi belle...aiseyy.....abg jpj tuh lak xkasi chance langsong...antoo btul...
nie dugaan allah kot...belle kne jd kuat...
"failure teaches success!"

(gile pe ckp dh mereng)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

6 april

yeah..i'll be attending an interview on 6 april
wish me luck yeah!!!!
nk gell jpa for medic

Friday, March 19, 2010


i've just came back from holidaY..WHOA.. satu minggu jln2..
settle jer brg trus on9...
i'm trying 2 to find scholarship for medical student...
not much...sket jer...
so i'm just hoping i pass d jpa..then xyah pening lg
ya allah permudahkanlah urusan hambamu ini...amin...

saye penat..pening..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

a new beginning

ok..smalm alhamdulilllah...
i managed to done well...
well uncle physics..mama bio..n english..quite reluctant to give me those + dpt A pun i dh bersyukur gler...
my mom prnh mimpi i sgkut kt my bio..
but she never told me lega gler bile semua dh selesai...
mkn kt kenny rogers ..nmpk ameyl..and ....haha
trying to isi d borg jpa...
tp com xleh bace...
so angh...blek cepat i need ur laptop..thank you

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

11 March 2010's today..
either i'll be back home with a smiling face or it's just another bad time of mine
pg..woke up at 6.00a.m.
mndi...ltak uhuu dkt kasut..
test2...orait gune jer la that kasut...
mkan wit abah kt kdai mamak..
roti canai n milo...yummy2....
but roti tu rse payah jer nk wit milo...
rse cm nk muntah blek jer...
cuak?..abah ckp tu perasaan jer...
but still..HELLO...dat one piece of paper will decide whether i can be a doctor..or tukg cuci..
haish...penantian 5 tahun utk keputusan yg satu minit itu..
x fair kan...
odw..pgi ofis abah asks me..
alang rse alang dpt brpe?
how should i know...
i don't know wat to expect...
i does not want to put high expectations because i does not want to get hurt...
the pain is just unbearable to me..
3 hours to go...
oh yeah...i'm writing this post in my dad office...haha...
pray for me yeah...

Sunday, March 7, 2010


"life is like a tennis ball"


by billie jean king,

She is known for the "The Battle of the Sexes" in 1973, in which she defeated Bobby Riggs, a former Wimbledon men's singles champion.

she is right.
When you play tennis, you must make decision.So does life.
The tennis ball will rotate at 360 degree...
You have to hit the ball at every angle, adapt with the ball, in order to win.So does life.
We must adapt.No matter how small..or big the obstacles in front of us,
We just have to simply adapt,and we will win in our owns battles of life

Friday, March 5, 2010

ceritra mamak...

i am so grateful that i was born on a land of Malaysia....

although the peace that was built are quite shaking at the moment we speaks, but i know we could overcome it one day,
with one malaysia as our vision,
together we can achieve that success again.

the success of making the citizen realizes that the true momentum of country is the peaceful and the tolerance of it's people.

basically this mamak story had been in my inbox for quite a tyme, i just forgot abaout it.. goes

one pleasant evening, the hamzah's clan decided to sit and sipped some teh tarik
but of course teh tarik is not my thing so i just ordered milo ice instead of the teh tarik

while waiting for my super delicious roti canai,

(gosh just thinking about it makes me wants to go the mamak stall at 2.11 a.m..)

so i've decided to look around ,attention not the mamak guy eh,hehe

but the people that coming to the mamak"s stall.
chinese, malays, indian,..names it all,...
all of us were anxiously waiting for our roti canai,and some were enjoying it
and we enjoyed watching the tv
that was showing a tamil's movie....hehehe..

although i can confirm you that non of us actually understood it..hahahaa
this incident clearly potrayed the spiritt of one malaysia that our pm is fighting for...
too bad i didn't took any pictures...
and one lesson for sure food does brings people together...hehe

that's it...

( mind my english,i'm trying hard to improve myself)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a call

1337 hours...a call masok

no. 066...............sape lak nie...

caller: ello bleh brckp dgn ct nabilah.. saye
caller : owh ct nabilah..mengganggu ke
me : xde lah tgh on9 jer
caller : nie k.fida dari ptptl (not sure bout dat)ari tu jumpe kt nilai
me : nape ..(sebenarnya i x ngat lgsung psl dat lady..)
caller :dulu sekolah ape
me :tkc..knape
caller : cuti nie xbwat pape
me: x driving lesson jer..dlm ati cuak kot ckp ngn stranger..
caller: owh...kami nk bukak pendftran awl....yedda2...utk sesiapa yg berminat..ari tu dh ambik no akak kn..klu pape contact laa

padahal dh ilang pon no tu...bukn nye i nk msok pon...
i know i'm not that smart..or already knew wut to do in d future
but entering some private coll.. is definately a no no for me...
so thats it...

Monday, February 22, 2010

my driving class...

ok ..after waiting for quite a time..tibalah msenye siti nabilah memandu
excited sgt..x sbr nk pgg stereng
so i woke up around..6 something..mkn2..tunggu ckgu dtg
smpai2 je tmpat memandu tu..ajr basic..pusing2 ..belok2
then off we went to the road....gile x bru first tyme drive nie
but kene cut all d way laa biggie...
that was my first lesson..
blek2 ayh tanye how was it
ayah:ade pakai brek dagu x
me:mne ade!
he will never forget d incident were i felt from my bike...n got injured sbb x tekan brek
and jatuh straight kt my dagu..huhu...saket tau..
today second tyme x dpt kluar..huhu
pusing2 practise 3 penjuru and parking..
penat duh nk pusing stereng tu...
yg lawaknye...mse first tyme i blaja drive...
kete tu tbe2 bwat hal sumthin wrong with d fius kot
so pgi laa anta repair...kancil msuk bengkel for 3 days
ari ni kereta ayh ckgu memandu lak rosak..
memnjg mke i kt bengkel tu je
ckgu:asal den bwk ko ade je yg rosak..
haha...nk wat cmne...
i guess ktorg mmg x ngam kot..haha
next class 1 mac..
i wonder ape pulak rosak diz tyme
uncle mekanik tu dh sedia jer ...hehe

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


al-kisahnya orang melayu klu msk memg laa pkai cili kan
especially fmly nogri smbilan
my family is one of them
so ari tu ..belle ditugaskan untuk memblenderkan cili tu
ok laa.not my first time pon
bk blend cili..jerang air panas dlu
then cut some garlics and onions
don't forget ur chillies too
rndam those chillies for a few minutes...then blend it with d onions n garlics
msti u guys wondering awat belle ajr org blend cili kan
crita nye bru nk start ..hehe
so ari tu mule laa my tugas blend cili..
cili..check!..awat packagingnye smacm je
fancy..slalu my dad beli cili kt kdai runcit yg dlm plastic merah..n murah..
lantak laa...janji ade..bwg merah..check!aisey asal sket je bwg nie..hurm..boleh laa kot survive
bwg putih..check!so buat laa sepeti prosedur yg telah dnyatakan td
job DONE..relaks
mak msk aym msk merah...mang ai..pedasnye..
sape yg ade gastrik mmg xleh munch laa..
mak:alang geti x blend cili nie
me :getilaa..alang bwat cm biase laa
me:...........(dlm ati :nk wat cmne)
so..ari tu my kakak tibe2 rjenlaa nk msk mee kari.. i blend laa cili tu again with onions
angh:pedasnye..alang punye psl laa nie..seb bek xtmbh lg cili mcm ko advice td
me: kene lg
bile mak tnye asal pedas...sume jwb cili alang
ok..d next dish my kakak tmbh lg bwg lima ketul..amik ko
guess wut ...pedas gak..alahai cili asal hang stuborn sgt hah
mak:pedasnye cili alang nie..tmbh x bwg
angh:dah lima ketul lg
mak:hurm..agknya owg yg blend tu x ikhlas gak
belle:kene lg
adoyyy...bukan i yg tnm cili tuh
mne de die tulis kt plastis i am super hot!jgn blend..gosh
slagi cili itu wujud ..mereka menggelarnya cili a brand rite?
if a good one xpe laa...itu saje cerita cili saye
p.s:dats cili still sitting heavenly inside our refrigerator..huhu.. ble nk abes?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


okk............where to begin..
takotkah saya..
erm..cuakkah saya
nie sume pasal that 3 words
sutun je kot yg tdak bersetuju dgn title SPM victim
dh nme pun sutun..haha
ok..back to the story
i'm currently waiting for d result..dorh obv.
betapa penantian itu satu penyeksaan!
takot sgt sbb i knew some of d mistakes yg i wat dulu
slalu if i'm hoping sumthin
d result mmg x mmberansgkan langsung
dats why i mcm x pernh hoping for anything
tp i buang sume tuh mse form five
like wut midelle slalu ckp..
laws of attraction
so i am determined to achieve sumthin
and yes she's right...i did achieve sumthin that i am proud of
yes i am afraid about d rsult..or aka cuak
but i am more afraid for not knowing wut i shud do
i takot if it's going to let me down
urgghh...ya Allah..
a lil help ere?
ksimpulannye whut shud i do?!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

jom masok u

haha..okay...ari tu i went tu nilai to join the karnival jom masok u
ade around 50+ u yg bwat exhibition...bez laa a lot of info
ade pasal scholarship i nak share to those yg berminat nk jd pensyarah
nownie ade scholarship under govt....dlam 5 bidg utama
but since i cam nk jd doc.. yg ade jpa je laa
jpa bukak offer on d day spm rsult kluar those yg sekpal dgn i
nk ambik medic xleh tros studi for medic...round
if rsult bgos ambik asasi dulu or blaja matriks dulu
afta dat kene leps certain pointer....
mcm ukm or uitm i rase 3.5....
itu dorg ckp tp ade len ckp kene 4.0
nme pon dh rmai bdak pandai skrg nie..hurm
alternatif len bleh join u perthann awm
studi free dpat elaun tp life mcm tentera laaa
pastu kene serve around 10-13 years
if dh secure tmpat kt u for medic mmg govt.offer scholarship
serve blek dlm 10years laa rsenye..ok tu psl studi
mse tgh tawaf tu ade diz abang bg kertas pe ntah
abg:nah...klu nk jd ckgu tadika
belle:ckgu tadika?hahaha
abg:ehh..gelak pulak die
bukan pe me jd ckgu mmg x laa kan..haha...
ckgu tadika lak tu....angh bleh laa...hahaha
jd ckgu bdak afta tadika pon bleh....
bygkan pi tmpat tu penuh dgn student in uniform..
rse tue lak ....haha...1 tahun je pon..kcoh larr...
i admit rse insecure gler jln sorg...mne x..11 years all girl school
haish..sumthin yg i must get used to...
oh yahh... my dearest transcenders..
mne korg?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my most regret most regret thing dat i've done..
tidak menggunakan nikmat yg telah Allah berikan kepada saya..
why did i said that?
well i've been given the oppurtunity toi study in one of the most prestigious school in Malaysia..
for damn 5 years...
and what i did?
NOTHIN...dats rite nothin
yme form one n form two..men2 jer
xpernah criuz studi
d only tyme i studied was d night b4 exam
eventhough final exam
xkesah bout ranking sume
peduli ape
selamat jer...2nd class..haha...minah yg bajet otak mcm syem
luckily ade PMR...baru criuz sket...first tyme lulus sbp...hehe kesedarn nk blaja tu dh ade laa
although xde laa smpai top to get to first
then ade this dilema..nak smbg x..
ya Allah..i memg thankful dpt kwn cm pya, sutun
especially pika..hehe...d one yg x give up in myself
same2 trtonggek tyme acc x balance..lumba2 siapkn doc. prniagaan
lumba finishkn homework cik. rahmah
sori frens..i drop out jgk akhirnya....
i tau u yg pent lyn minah yg sorg nie...
bile i looked back...rmai my frens dh lbih brjaye than me
bukan jelez tp belle frust
sebab belle tau belle pon boleh jgak klu nak...
if only i've taken stuff seriously
sekrg belle hrp sgt Allah forgive me.. n give me the second chance
after all Allah is the all Mighty...
9A+..and scholarship for medic in ireland

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

malay novels

what can i say about this amazing author...the ones that gives it light when i thought malay novels memang dh takde harapan...his or her stories is not the mushy2 type..more to teenagers life especially to those yg mmg idup di bording school.... ble bace mmg terasa dekat sngat... .. ade jugak cite yg tells us about the reality of life..ade suka and ade duka..well i guess thats what's about teenager's life..full of thrills and surprises...dlm sume karya fav.. one is Aa+Bb..eventhough dh khatam byk kali..still never felt bored..still gelak kat part yg smee...thank you hlovate because your stories gives me inspiration..and reasons why i must treasured life and the peoples around me..arigatou...may allah bless you..well not to forget another briliant author..faisal tehrani..his stories memg gives us input..memg rugi kalau x my must read list...spe kate novel melayu cikai and xde class...if they do said that they must've never read any of these author's the pejuang seni bahasa..teuskan perjuangan anda...bahasa jiwa bangsa!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

first step

olla..i've just join diz thing...lmbat what they'd said better late than never... hermm..d plkn juz started.. don't know why..kinda jelez of them.. at least ade benda nk wat 4 d net 3 months...currently waiting for any offers.. hope ade laa..plizzz...ireland satu..please.. nk gell study stu with sponsors laa.. i meant scholarships...looking at my seniors yg fly stu mostly top student...i know some of the people will ask who am i to deserve something awesome like thats.. well ,, says what u wants.. i nak jgak.. come on.. it's not a crime... to the people yg sekapal dgn saye..dare to dream... don't give up...there are still hopes for people like us... we breathed with the same air..we stood on the same ground and we deserve the same chances...rite?