Friday, December 24, 2010

a knock in the head

hey...lme x blogging...hehhee...nothing went well actually,, result came up and not like what i expected it to be....i almost screwed my only chance of doing medicine...ya allah ...what am i going to do.Please no more ...not another failure...2nd sem is the finale..get your head in the game... focus3!....owh, but from whatever happened, i knew how much m parents love see i am not the girl who want to do medicine before this, the only reason that i keep telling myself i have to do medicine bcoz that's what they want me to do. Besides i live in the environment where all people keep telling yourself do mediclah.. medic is good and so on.What my parents trying to tell me and i believe what most parents do is they just want the best for you.They lived long enough to know all the asam garam of kehidupan. They do not want me to pick courses that have no future or where there is not much person needed in that field.They have seen it before and they just do not want me to be one of the victim.
So, the onclusion is..everything starts with niat, i lways thought of doing things just to please my arents, not that it is wrong.But , maybe i better thought of studying is something i want to achieve for me, myself and i.Thanks mak ayah for all your tlc.p.s. ily very much:)