Wednesday, January 6, 2010

malay novels

what can i say about this amazing author...the ones that gives it light when i thought malay novels memang dh takde harapan...his or her stories is not the mushy2 type..more to teenagers life especially to those yg mmg idup di bording school.... ble bace mmg terasa dekat sngat... .. ade jugak cite yg tells us about the reality of life..ade suka and ade duka..well i guess thats what's about teenager's life..full of thrills and surprises...dlm sume karya fav.. one is Aa+Bb..eventhough dh khatam byk kali..still never felt bored..still gelak kat part yg smee...thank you hlovate because your stories gives me inspiration..and reasons why i must treasured life and the peoples around me..arigatou...may allah bless you..well not to forget another briliant author..faisal tehrani..his stories memg gives us input..memg rugi kalau x my must read list...spe kate novel melayu cikai and xde class...if they do said that they must've never read any of these author's the pejuang seni bahasa..teuskan perjuangan anda...bahasa jiwa bangsa!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

first step

olla..i've just join diz thing...lmbat what they'd said better late than never... hermm..d plkn juz started.. don't know why..kinda jelez of them.. at least ade benda nk wat 4 d net 3 months...currently waiting for any offers.. hope ade laa..plizzz...ireland satu..please.. nk gell study stu with sponsors laa.. i meant scholarships...looking at my seniors yg fly stu mostly top student...i know some of the people will ask who am i to deserve something awesome like thats.. well ,, says what u wants.. i nak jgak.. come on.. it's not a crime... to the people yg sekapal dgn saye..dare to dream... don't give up...there are still hopes for people like us... we breathed with the same air..we stood on the same ground and we deserve the same chances...rite?