Thursday, April 29, 2010

coret2 saje

hey, it has been a while kan blog...
xde keje....
actually, i got confessions
i'm totally bored staying around doing nothing,
of course laa belle wanna enjoy,
lepak wit frens,
but the problem is,
not all the parents lepak wit the idea of their child
fooling around
everytimes i want to go out
they'll be questioning me wit
knape nk kluar?
bwat pe nk bwat keje x berfaedah?
and if i did go out
it is wit my saving okay
attention to all the brats
who just have to simply asks if you nk moneys to chills wit ur frens
if i want to have something like mp3,
i have to use my duet rye to buy it
n yeah thats why i cannot afford to buy that sony or ipod
tunggu je laa yee
i guess that's how my prents teach us that
money do not just fall from the sky
it works actually
except the facts that i am a shopaholic..
so now i'm kinda broke
but i still wanna go out
i am 18.
what do u expect
just pliss give me this tyme to have fun
u know more than i do
that when i entered medic
i won't have time for myself
and yeah,
i do want to entered the university
and get busy
so i won't be busy thinking about my problems
and entered the emo land h
so that i can getaway from home
so that i can get over him.
not that i have issues wit my family
i just want to have my own life
if you understand
well i can't voice out what i felt
to my prents
because it would just end up the same
i could never say no to them
no matter how much i want to,
then wat should i do?
i admit i am the pendam type of person
i am used to crying alone
i does not like others to see
if i am sad,
i don't want to be a burden
i'm scared,
i 'm not sure if i could secured a place in the university,
i'm not sure if i can get the JPA,
i'm not sure if i can be a good kakak,
frens,daughter,n most importantly
i'm not sure if i can be a good muslim.
lately i've been haunted wit nightmares
i dreamt that i died
scary huh...
i talk too much already,

Saturday, April 24, 2010

wahhh blog...

saya rindu kamu!!!!:)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


aiyoo..gile frust jpj test ari due2 bhgian lak....hurm..problem bukit dh settle tbe2 kt tige penjuru enjin mati..slalu practise ok jer..haiyooo...sedih2...burn jerh 800 ....
pe nak jadi belle...aiseyy.....abg jpj tuh lak xkasi chance langsong...antoo btul...
nie dugaan allah kot...belle kne jd kuat...
"failure teaches success!"

(gile pe ckp dh mereng)